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Why Refinance in Orange County?

Here are just a few reasons to think about refinancing your home loan:

Your risk profile as a borrower has improved since you took out your loan, and you might now qualify for a more competitive mortgage.
Interest rates are lower today than they were when your loan originated, but you are still paying the same high rate.
The type of mortgage you chose (fixed or adjustable) is no longer serving your needs.
Your home has gone up in value or you have paid it down enough that now you can get a loan without mortgage insurance. This is possible once you have 20% or more equity based on current home values.
Your monthly budget is stretched, and you hope to reduce your monthly mortgage payments by extending your term.

These are all problems which can be solved with a refinance from Grand Avenue Realty & Lending.

Why Refinance in Orange County?

Depending on your situation, refinancing now could mean:

  • Paying less in interest each month.
  • Paying lower monthly installments on your mortgage.
  • Saving money by paying off your loan sooner.
  • Consolidating your current debts.
  • Eliminating uncertainty regarding future interest due on your loan.
  • Reducing stress and complications.
  • Enjoying greater peace of mind.

OC Refinancing Qualifications

When you apply for a mortgage refinance in Orange County, the process is much the same as applying for a regular home loan. We will look at the same financial parameters to determine whether you are eligible. These include:

Your credit score

Your debt-to-income ratio

How long you have been steadily employed

The value of your assets

How much equity you have in your home

The equity is of course an additional consideration which was not applicable before you owned your own home. If your financial status has improved since you first bought your home, it is likely that refinancing now will benefit you.

Our Lender for Life Refinancing Guarantee

If you went through us for your original home loan, you can take advantage of our Lender for Life program. Through this program, we offer our loyal customers a no-cost refinance. That means zero closing costs and zero appraisal fee. You get all the benefits of a refinance with none of the drawbacks!

When you contact us for a refinance, we will check if you qualify for these special savings.

Refinance Now With Grand Avenue Realty & Lending

Whether you are eligible for the Lender for Life program or not, our promise to you is the same: we are going to save you as much money through refinancing as we can. To begin, please give us a call at (949) 202-5332. During your consultation, we’ll let you know how much you can save by refinancing today.

Home Refinance Analysis!Home Refinance Analysis!