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Home Purchase Loans in Orange County

With its gorgeous year-round weather, luxurious homes, sandy beaches, and world-famous theme parks, Orange County is an amazing place to live and work. Purchasing a home here can be exciting, and with Grand Avenue Reality & Lending on your side, it can also be fast, easy, and affordable. We offer a variety of home purchase loan products so that every customer can obtain the most suitable mortgage. We also have some special programs to help you save money and move into your new home in Orange County faster.

Home Purchase Qualifier!Home Purchase Qualifier!

Types of OC Home Purchase Loans We Offer

Through the Grand Lending Team of Grand Avenue Realty & Lending, you can apply for any of the following types of home purchase loans in Orange County:

Which type of loan is right for you depends on your current financial circumstances as well as your goals for the future.

What Do You Qualify For?

Many of the most common questions we receive from homebuyers concern qualification for loans. For example:

How much do I qualify for?

How much do I need to make to qualify for “X” loan amount?

Do I qualify for the FHA program or to purchase with a reverse mortgage?

We can provide you with detailed answers to these questions during your consultation based on your information.

In the meantime, the list below should give you an idea as to the factors which are taken into account when determining what types of loans you qualify for and how much you can borrow:

Your credit score

Your debt-to-income ratio

How much cash you have in reserve

Your recent employment history



Down payment

Military Service

Customers who can impress lenders with their qualifications may be eligible for lower interest rates, and may also be able to bargain more effectively for the terms that they want.

Even if your risk profile is not ideal, you may still qualify for excellent rates and terms on a home purchase loan in OC. It is all a question of working with the right mortgage company—and that’s where we come in. We help clients with recent BKs, foreclosures, tax liens, charge offs, and collections. There are loan programs for all types of situations.

Our Special Programs and Benefits for Orange County Homebuyers

When you choose us as your OC mortgage company, we can help you out in the following ways:

We can check to see if you qualify for a government-backed loan through the FHA and VA loan programs.
We offer a credit up to $10,000 to cover closing costs and prepaid items through our special OC Buyer Program.
We search high and low to make sure that we’re bringing you the lowest closing costs anywhere in the region. There are no processing fees when you apply with us, and no credit pull fees.
We not only strive to bring you the lowest interest rates now, but guarantee the long-term affordability of your loan through our Lender for Life program. If interest rates drop in the years ahead, we will provide you with a no-cost refinance.
If you need an alternative way to prove your income, you can apply for a home purchase loan through our Orange County Bank Statement program. This allows you to skip providing a W-2 or tax return.

Call Us Now to Apply for Your Home Purchase Loan

If you are ready to apply for a home purchase loan in Orange County or anywhere in California, please give us a call now at (949) 202-5332. We look forward to scheduling your consultation and helping you move into your OC home!

Home Purchase Qualifier!Home Purchase Qualifier!