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Move-Up Homebuyer Loans in Orange County

Is it time to move to a more spacious or luxurious property in Orange County? Grand Avenue Realty & Lending has helped many move-up homebuyers in the area to make their housing dreams come true with fast, competitive, flexible financing options.

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Types of Move-Up Loans We Offer

Just as with other types of home loans, there are many types of move-up loans. We can connect you with any of the following:

Conventional Move-up Loans

These loans conform to the financing limits set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. To view the 2019 loan limits see our “Conventional” section.

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Jumbo Move-up Loans

If you are moving up to a high-value home which requires financing exceeding the conventional loan limits, you can purchase it with a jumbo move-up loan.

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FHA Move-up Loans

In some cases you can use an FHA loan for a move-up loan. These loans are insured by the Federal Housing Administration and include all the same benefits of FHA loans for first time homebuyers. Depending on your credit and other factors, your down payment could be as low as 3.5%.

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VA Move-up Loans

Veterans, active-duty service members and surviving spouses can use a VA loan insured by the Department of Veterans Affairs to move up to a higher-value home.

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Why Choose Us for Your Move-Up Homebuyer Loan?

We can help you apply for a loan with an affordable down payment. This can help you to keep your finances liquid, which in turn should make it easier to weather the costs associated with selling your current residence and moving into your new one.
We speed you through the loan application process so that you can schedule a concurrent closing if desired. That way you can move right into your new home.
The closing costs we offer are some of the lowest in OC. We keep your title and escrow costs to a minimum, and we never charge you junk fees or processing fees.
Grand Avenue is the only mortgage company in Orange County to offer the OC Buyer Program. You can qualify for a credit of up to $10,000 to cover your prepaid items and closing costs.
Through our Lender for Life guarantee program, we promise to refinance your loan at no cost in the future should interest rates go down.
We have many options that would allow you to purchase your next home without selling your existing home. You can keep it as a rental property and pull out equity for the down payment to purchase your next home. If you prefer, you can get a bridge loan to use your equity for your next purchase while waiting for your current home to sell. Those are just a couple of the many options available to you.
We can hold your hand through the entire loan application process, walking you through it step by step. Buying a home while you are selling another can get complicated. We’re here to make it as simple and convenient for you as possible.

Call Us Now to Apply for Your Move-Up Mortgage in OC

If you are ready to move up to the home of your dreams in Orange County, we can’t wait to help you make it happen. Please call us today at (949) 202-5332 to schedule your consultation.

Home Purchase Qualifier!Home Purchase Qualifier!