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First Time Homebuyer Loans
in Orange County

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Many of the customers who walk through our doors at Grand Avenue Realty & Lending are in the market for their first home.

That means we get a lot of questions like:

How much home can I afford?

What’s the lowest down payment I can make?

How do I afford my closing costs?

Are there special programs for first time homebuyers in Orange County?

Whatever your questions might be about purchasing your first home, we will be happy to sit down with you and give you thorough answers as we explore all of your options.

We are intimately familiar with the challenges faced by first time homebuyers, and we never let an obstacle stand in our way or yours. Whatever your financial status and goals, we will work with you to find solutions and connect you with an affordable mortgage.

Loan Programs to Help You Purchase Your First Home in Orange County

There are a number of loan programs which can make it more affordable to purchase a home in Orange County if you are a first time home buyer. Here are some options which we can see if you qualify for:

Lender for life Program

First time homebuyers sometimes have a difficult time deciding whether to go with a fixed or adjustable rate mortgage, and may worry about the long-term ramifications of choosing to take out a loan at a specific interest rate now.

Fannie Mae’s “HomeReady” and Freddie Mac’s “Home Possible” programs

These enhanced affordable loan products are conventional loan programs with as little as 3% down for borrowers who qualify.

How Grand Avenue Can Help You With Your First Home Loan

We give you access to special programs not available elsewhere.

No other lending company can offer you the advantages of our OC Buyer Program or our Lender for Life program. Both of these programs can make a huge difference in making your first home affordable now and over the years ahead.

We answer your questions and help you understand the process.

Even if you have done your research, you will probably come to your consultation with a list of questions. We will take all the time we need to help you understand every aspect of the mortgage application process. That way you have the answers you need to make an informed decision.

We strive to meet your timetable for moving into your home.

If you need to be in your new home by a certain date, please let us know during your consultation what your timetable is. We can speed you through the pre-qualification process and help you sign quickly on the mortgage for your first home.

Obstacles won’t stop us from finding you the most suitable loan.

First time homebuyers are often starting out on their journey of homeownership without ideal credit or huge cash reserves. Debt-to-income ratios may not be ideal. It may be a challenge to afford a high down payment. With our extensive experience helping Orange County first time homebuyers, we have developed workarounds and solutions to these and other challenges. We will not rest until we get you into your Orange County home as affordably as possible.

We ask you questions to find out what you need.

Every single customer who walks through our doors has a different financial situation and a unique dream for a perfect life in Orange County. Our goal is to understand your dream and get to know you as a person so that we can match you with a mortgage which is perfectly tailored to meet your needs.

Even if you are not quite ready for your home purchase, consult with us and we will give you the formula of what you need.

We can let you know what your income needs to be at to qualify for the loan amount you want and how much of a down payment is needed. We will figure out payments for you or let you know how much you can afford with the payment you are comfortable making. We are glad to help you plan, and there is no cost or obligation.

Call Us Today to Apply for Your First Home Loan

If you are ready to make your Orange County dreams come true, please call us at (949) 202-5332 to schedule your consultation. We can’t wait to help you move into your first home in Greater Los Angeles.

Get Pre-Approved Today!Get Pre-Approved Today!