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Bank Statement Loans in Orange County

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Nothing is more frustrating than being asked to furnish tax returns to prove your income, when your tax return doesn’t tell the full story about your income.

What if there were an easier way to document your income while applying for a property loan? Through our bank statement loan program, you can say goodbye to traditional paperwork.

Finally, you can get the financing you need fast without all the hassles that come with the traditional lending process. When you apply for a loan through our company, all you need to prove your income is a bank statement. We have 1 month bank statement programs available! All you need is enough income to qualify on your most recent 1 month bank statement!

Prove Your Income Without a W-2 or Tax Return

Traditional lenders are used to providing financing largely to customers who are traditionally employed. These customers can easily document their income by providing a W-2, tax returns or pay stubs.

But not everybody applying for a loan fits into this category. Unfortunately, lenders who are inexperienced in working with customers who are not traditionally employed often have no alternative method for evaluating income or approving an application. Dealing with these lending companies can turn into a huge waste of time.

The Grand Lending Team at Grand Avenue Realty & Lending is different. We work with customers from many walks of life. Many of our customers are traditionally employed, but others are self-employed, own their own businesses, or are part-time or full-time investors. Still others are retirees. Our goal is to make home purchase or refinance accessible to all, and to make the application process as fast and easy as possible.

Here’s How It Works

When you apply for a loan through our bank statement program, all you need to do is provide us with a statement from your personal or business bank account.The deposits into your account will be sufficient to document your income.You do not need to provide tax returns, pay stubs, or a W-2 at any point during the process.

We take a look at your bank statements to verify that you meet the income thresholds required to approve your application.Unlike other Orange County loan companies, we never take a “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to approving your loan.We treat each individual customer’s situation as unique, and are willing to work with you if necessary to navigate around obstacles in documenting your income.

So if you have any questions or concerns, you need only ask. Our friendly loan experts are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

An OC Bank Statement Loan May Be Right for You If …

Do any of the following describe you? You may be a candidate for a bank statement loan.

You are self-employed.
You are a business owner.
You are an entrepreneur.
You work as a freelancer.
You are an investor.
You are a retiree.
You have any other situation which makes traditional documentation of your income inconvenient or impossible.

Apply Today for a Bank Statement Loan in Orange County

It is time to get the financing you need without the hassles of a W-2. Please call us today at (949) 202-5332 to ask us about our bank statement program. We can let you know if you are eligible to apply, and can help you get started on the process right away.

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